Matriculation of

Wendelinus Gudelius

at the University of Heidelberg on December 19th, 1586  

Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Beschreibung: C:\hpneu\wg1586.jpg

 Wendelinus Gudelius, Scheppenhusanus, famulus Dionysianus, gratis

(University of Heidelberg A702/4, fol39 v.)

Saturday, 11 October 2017

Hello Gutelius Family,

 Your name (and mine) was  430 years old on December 19th, 2016.  I have some information about its origin and spreading that may be of interest to you.

Twenty years ago I found the Gudel family of vine growers as the origin of our line of descent in a tax-register of Schweppenhausen (from the 15th century) at the Landeshauptarchiv Koblenz.

This result encouraged me in the following years to get in contact to all Gudelius by five "Gudelius-Letters" and to try to close the most incomplete lines of the several Gudelius families back to the Gudel. This approach was very successful with the assistance of nearly all members of the family in Germany. 

But in 1999 I found you, the Gutelius family in the World Wide Web and I got in a very good contact to some genealogists of your family like Terry MacAfee, Cindy Eli-Brown, Vance Gutelius, and Paul P. Gutelius. After a half year of collecting sources and intensive discussions about the question of French or German origin of the American Gutelius they all agreed, that your ancestor - Johann Peter Gutelius, (1708-1773) - is identical with Johann Peter Gudelius of Niederholzklau in the Nassau-Siegen area. 

But the eldest Gutelius-family-members of Mifflinburg don't agree. They insist on the opinion that the Gutelius are Huguenots and of French origin. Wallace Gutelius Diehl of California found in July 2005 in Pennsylvania a document of 1790 which mentions "Frederick Gudelius of the town of Manheim" and "Peter Gudelius",  both of them are the sons of Johann Peter Gud(t)elius of Manheim,  who immigrated 1751 from Germany.

Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Beschreibung: C:\hpneu\1790gudelius.jpg

There are about 180 Gutelius in 31 states of the USA. The most Gutelius are in Louisiana (20), New York (19), Pennsylvania (19), Ohio (16) and Illinois (12). But there are Gutelius in Peru, Spain, Japan and Finnland, too. They are descendants of Nevin Pyle Gutelius (1842 after 1914), who emigrated from Pennsylvania to South America about 1900.

Since some years  I have published all my knowledge about the Gudelius/Gutelius Family (including the history and the lines of descent) on my homepage. Many of you copied the history, the old documents, and the data ( I am happy about this, because I don't want to keep that secret). But I hoped in vain that you would contact me and let me know your connection to the Gutelius Family. This presentation of the Gudelius/Gutelius history is as good as you are willing to "feed" me with information about your family. Do it!

You will get access to the interior website of the Gudelius/Gutelius - family including the living persons and notes -  by asking for the correct internet-address via email from me jost at

There will be no costs;  genealogy is my hobby and I have no interest to earn any penny.

Some information about me: born in 1942, colonel of the mountain infantry, retired, mountain guide, married to Dr. med. Claudia Gudelius, we have one daughter and three sons between twenty-eight and twenty-three years of age. We are lucky to live in Jachenau a most beautiful valley in the Bavarian mountains close to the border to Austria.

A short report or a feedback is appreciated;  call me please 00498043-333, that's the quickest, most easy and most personal way; or send an email: jost at

 Best regards,

 your new German cousin

 Jost Gudelius